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A woman standing one a rock overlooking the ocean. The sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Connect: With The Heavens

 With The Earth

 With Yourself

Connection Begins here!

Global Organic Textile Standard
Organic 100 content Standard
Global Recycled Standard
PETA vegan approved
Sustainable apparel coalition
Certified Products

In connection with the Cosmos, We draw our craft.

A man Looking up at the sky, a light connecting him with the universe emerges out from wit

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A message
from our Founder

Hey there, It is so great to see you here today!

 My name is Solomon Musashi

and I am delighted that you've chosen to spend your time exploring our website.


Magic is all around us. 

It is in the sun shining in at dawn. It is in the smile of infants. It is in the moon at night. 

where every you go, magic is there. And in that love of magic and it's beauty our lives, is where we feel at our best. 

With that, I want you to feel the magic of life within our garments, within our designs and most importantly, Within the happiness of your smile! 

"A warrior, his feet are connected to the Earth, his Mind connected to Heaven, and his Heart is always connected with himself and his loved one's. That's the meaning of our symbol" -

Solomon Musashi

Image by Erik Mclean
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