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Image by Marek Piwnicki

Ishtar's Love

Who and Why

Ishtar, lady of the moon and the stars, she governs and moves between planets of the milky way and other galaxies within the Universe.

Oversouls and protects humans on our planet earth. In her love and vibration is held the the balance and integration of the twin flames of the masculine and the feminine within your heart and the heart of the supreme consciousness of God. 

She chose to guide that balance within you and other's in a world my where the dimensiosna between the feminien and the masculine is fading way. She wants to bring and guide you to love. in the heart, life and love of who you are. 

"With my energy and love, you'll see who you can become and what your soul cries out to be. In all my name and in all my love, you'll find me near you when you need me. For i am with you and have been with you since the first tear fell from your eyes upon birth. I am near you, call upon my energies in times of need, for strength and for love you'll find me there."  

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We look forward to you embracing the energy and the love of our this collection, and hope you tell us of the empowerment you being to feel in your life!

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