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Image by Mier Chen

Metatron's Shield

Overcoming spiritual Limitations 

Why and Who is Metatron

Metatron is the Archangel and the keeper of the records of actions that happen in both the celestial and the human world. All possibilities and outcomes that have happened and could potentially happen are recorded in a library generally called the Akashic Records. 

Every single person has a record with their name and their spiritual signature attached to that record. 

Before ascending into the angelic realm, Metatron first incarnated in the human world. learning, understanding and contemplating the miracles of creation in the human world. 

After his ascension his sacred cube created from the very geometry of creation itself. Empowering all those who in the presence of this geometry to see, feel and expand beyond the limitations which once held their energetic frequency. 

In honour of his love, connection and empowerment of the human world. we believed that now is the time that we continue to create a relationship between the human world and the divine. That we as human beings would feel a greater ascension and empowerment in our life, when we are connected daily with the forces that lift us up out of pain and distractions, to a higher state of being. 

And with that we made the choice to create an empowering collection that you can use, wear and inhabit around your auric field, that will strengthen your love and potential as you go about your daily life. 

The symbols and the fields have been directly inspired by Metatron himself, and we hope that the bring into your world, the power, love and connection you most strongly need. 

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