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Our Collections

We are consistently inspired by energies and magical symbols from across different cultures and practise.

Not only do we find these symbols having a positive psychospiritual effects on our clients,

but their beauty and geometry can bring a space into life.

We'd love to invite you on a journey discovering our collections!

The touch of Power.jpg

Born out of the fiery masculine desire for power. Combining the energies and symbols of The god Tyr and the symbols of 'divine connection and manifestation' 

The 'Touch of power' is made for those who want to enhance their power!

Balance, Flow and Serenity. That is the energy our clients call: 'The Touch Of Heaven'. 

We blended the Symbols of Dagaz and Gebo with the calming energies of the Moon, all to bring you back to your state of flow

touch of heaven light.jpg
Angel Metatron from heaven. Holding in his hand Metatron's Cube.jpg

The empowerment to overcome your spiritual limitations, negative thoughts and find heavenly ascension.

The connecting the masculine and feminine elements within your spirit. Bringing heaven and love to earth.

Goddess Ishtar flying in the sky, wearing a blue dress and being surrounded by the stars w
A Golden Egyptian Scarab flying over the Egyptian tombs runes.jpg

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian symbol of death, Rebirth and resurrection! 

A Goddess of Power, Rebirth, Divinity and Royalty!

Also known by her Greek name Isis.

She empowers connection and love, giving and brining rebirth from pain to humanity, That they may reconnect with their inner true nature. 

Goddess ISIS walking over a lake in an Egyptian palace  palace with wings in her arms whil
Image by Evan Dennis


A New collection and design is being worked on. We are always excited to share it with you as soon as it becomes available. 

We hope you love it just as we do!

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