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The Full Story

Behind Our Products

We are all Multi dimensional beings, no person lives in a single dimension of life. You feel, Think and experience life all at the same time. 

Yet in the world around you, Products are made just for the physical experience, which runs far shorter than our magical existence.  

And that is why we are here, 

To create products that are embedded with the magic of symbolism that can infuse and permeate into all elements of your life. Every collection and every symbol has been carefully chosen for it's properties to enhance your life in more than the physical sphere. 

For we are all multi-dimensional beings!

touch of heaven light.jpg

The Magic of Symbols

Some of think of them as mere drawings, but the wise know that drawings have multi-dimensional effects. 

If you've ever read: 'The greater and lesser keys of Solomon'. Then you know how powerful symbols can be.

We turn that knowledge of symbolic magic into products that can empower your everyday life!

Culturally Diverse and Unique Designs

The world is a beautiful place. The diversity of cultures which all bring their own beauty, power and magic. We love brining different cultures and traditions in our unique designs. We are world citizens born in the diverse city of London. That diversity is celebrated in our designs. It is vital to our DNA!

We are sure that you'll love our unique designs. And if you have any feedback or suggestions then feel free to reach out. 
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