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Image by Ruben Hanssen

Rebirthing Scarab

It was Death, Rebirth and Resurrection. That is what the scarab stood for in Ancient Egypt. Which made the Egyptians revere symbols and places which held their scarab symbol. It showed them that through death, comes rebirth. And at the end of each life, a new life beings. 

A never-ending process which we have all been through. We push our life and our goals like the scarab, until out of the every single failure, comes a success and a desire for something else. We live in this process, day after day. And as a humanity, we have lived through this process millennium After millennium.  

immortal scarab full.jpg

A Prayer from Ancient Egypt

An Ancient Egyptian prayer was incorporated into our design. 

You can read from top right to bottom left as follows:

"Arise for thyself, O still heart. Shine for thyself, O still heart". 

immortal scarab words with ground.jpg

If you feel the call to the power of Ancient Egypt and the desire for rebirth, Stillness and and expansion. Then you can begin infusing this power in your daily life, with this collection below!

Rebirthing Scarab Is Here!

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