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The Touch Of Power!

For this design we wanted to bring about and develop the energies and the feelings of a rising power. But at the same time, power without balance leads only to self destruction and chaos. And that is what makes this design so special. The symbols have been carefully chosen to aid you in enhancing your spiritual energy as well as creating balance in your inner power!

Beginning with 'Alpha' and Ending with 'Omega'

All our symbols are not only connected with the earth, but they are also connected with the divine. That is why we began and ended this design with these symbols. To empower you with the connection to divine power. 

This connection Originated in the Bible's book of Revelation 1:8 stating: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." (KJV)  

'Rin' and 'Kyo'

We began our Journey in the Mediterranean and now we shift our sails to the far east, to the shores of Japan. 

In the Ninjutsu's practice of Kuji In, these are the first two symbols that stand out for us in this design. Rin (the symbol on the right) is the first symbol in this practice. And it stands and empowers your connection with divine energy. While the second step upwards is represented by the symbol on the left 'Kyo'. That channels the energy of manifestation and creation into your life.

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The touch of Power.jpg


After travelling across the world, we shift again into the centre of our design. To the powers inherit in combining Runes. Carved to infuse the powers of 'Tiwaz' that belonged to the god 'Tyr', 'Mannaz' and the protection of 'Algiz'. with the final thunder of 'Sowlio' that belongs to Thor. A symbol of empowering your psychic centres, increasing your optimal health and guiding you towards enlightenment.   

Touch of Power Light.jpg
Image by Rajiv Bajaj

The Sun

Just as we began with the energy from above. We also end our journey back to heaven. With the symbol and the power of both the Sun and Mars. The strong combination and definition of masculine energy.  

We hope you've enjoyed This journey with us and have learnt new insights into the meanings behind what we do and sell here.

We look forward to seeing you enjoy our products!

Much Love, 

Warriors Of Heaven

The 'Touch Of Power' Collection

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