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The Touch Of Heaven

Harmony, Love and compassion. That is what we wanted you to feel and experience in our 'Touch of Heaven' Service. And that is what we wanted to bring here in physical form with our products and the carefully chosen symbols.

Always to bring you back to your



Everything must begin with 'Balance'

Recall a time when you felt your best. It certainly wasn't when all things were going crazy around you. We know that you feel your best when you are in your element of balance. That everything is going to go well.

Things in life can throw you off. And we've all experienced that. 

Returning to your balance, is the key to unlocking your sensitivity, energy and flow. 

That is why we began with the balanced energy of Yin and Yang

The stillness of the 'Moon' on water

When the lake is still, and the sky is clear. These are the beautiful moments when you get to witness the reflection of the moon on water. 

You are that moon, and the water. During your state of stillness you can witness and feel the reflection of your inner spirit on the world. But when your seas are raging and your sky is raining, that is when you miss the true nature of your reflection. 

Which is why we use the power of the Moon and Venus to bring you back to your stillness. 

Image by Guzmán Barquín
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What is stillness, balance and heaven but a gift of the greatest fortune. And that is exactly the rune magic which we infused in our central symbol. An infusion of the gift from 'Gebo' and the ever growing expansion from 'Dagaz' with the light of 'kenaz'. Because we know that at your best, you are not only an ever expanding gift. But are also a light to the world. 

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Flow, Harmony and Healing

lastly, after all the illumination, beauty and peace. We end our journey with three powerful symbols from the Ninjutsu's Kuji In practice. 

Beginning with the flow of manifestation (from the left), then flowing towards an inner and outer harmony supported by the symbol on the right. Then we rise into healing for us and for everyone around us with our final symbol at the top.  

We hope you've enjoyed This journey with us and have learnt new insights into the meanings behind what we do and sell here.

We look forward to seeing you enjoy our products!

Much Love, 

Warriors Of Heaven

The 'Touch Of Heaven' Collection

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