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Image by David Gavi

Wings Of Aset

The goddess that traversed the lands and deserts of Egypt to bring her husband back to life. 

A goddess whose determination was powerful beyond everything.

A goddess who's now more known by her Greek name than her original Name. Aset, or more known as Isis. 


Her wings hold the power of protection and guidance to all beings. Within this world and in the transition to the afterlife. 

She represents the feminine power of determination to bringing about life, and love into the arms of those who choose to be with her. 

Goddess ISIS walking in a palace.jpg

Aset is a goddess that empowers you to be the queen in your world and in your space. The goddess who protects and nurtures the souls that choose to be within her wings. 

Let her be your guide in between the worlds and in between your life transformations!   


And in her honour, We created this collection.

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